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My Learnings from Free Digital Marketing Internship program

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Digital Marketing Internship Program changed my life into a whole new path.

I always love to learn new concepts. I also had some outline about Digital Marketing but I was wondering how to go ahead with this learning in Lockdown.

I started searching about digital marketing courses in google, Facebook and Instagram. Again there were lots of courses available in the market and I was quite confused about the programs offered.

Suddenly I came across a post on Instagram about a Digital marketing internship. I found that interesting and subscribed for the webinar. Since I had some idea on Digital marketing  I gained some confidence through the webinar. Yes Guys , It’s Digital Deepak’s Internship program.

Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju launched a free digital marketing course to help people learn digital marketing.He has been in Digital Marketing since 2008. Digital Deepak writes a blog about Digital marketing. DigitalDeepak.com is now ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India and it has become a well-known brand.

This course is not only for students.

Anybody who is interested in Digital marketing can opt for this course.

An entrepreneur who wants to grow his business can learn this course.

An IT employee who wants to change his career can choose this field.

Graduate homemakers who want to earn something in the future can choose this course and learn digital marketing techniques.

Most interesting fact about DDIP is Cash back every week.

Well I will explain to you.

Each and every week we will receive our course in the Learning management system.

After 2 days we will have an assignment explanation live webinar where we will be getting assignments on a particular week’s topic.

Post that we will have a Q & A session where you can clear your doubts on that particular week’s Topic.

We will be given time for a week for submitting the assignment.

Once submitted , Digital Deepak’s team will verify the assignment and initiate the cashback process every week.

Sounds Interesting right !!!

In terms of course syllabus , It’s worth spending.

It really makes us come out of our comfort zone and the support from DDIP’s Team is amazing.

The internship program has following topics :                      

1.    Success Mindset

2.    Marketing fundamentals

3.    Niche, Audience & Keyword Research

4.    Creating your blog

5.    Content writing & video making

6.    Social media marketing

7.    Lead generation

8.    SEO

9.    Facebook ads

10. Google ads

11. Marketing automation

12. Sales & copywriting

Bonus section

1.    Getting you dream job interview

2.    Freelancing & Agency

3.    Affiliate Marketing

4.    Digital Mentorship

Guys I am now in Week 10 of DDIPs Program .

Till now I have received all cashbacks for every week.

Here are the few feedbacks , learnings , experience from the internship program.

With some effort and interest in Digital marketing you can achieve things in this domain.

Friends if you wish you to join his internship program with the cashback.

Click the below link



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